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Rear Kit: Volkswagen T5 - Stealth air suspension by Intermotiv

Rear air suspension kit for the Volkswagen Transporter T5

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£ 449.00

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Manufacturer Stealth by Intermotiv
Type Rear kit
Vehicle Make Volkswagen
Vehicle Model T5

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The Volkswagen Transporter T5 rear air suspension kit from Intermotiv.

Truly tuneable.

The rear system can be supplied with or without uprated dampers, depending on personal preference.

The air springs have been set up to suit stock dampers as much as possible, so adding this is optional, yet it's a great upgrade for performance and allows the vehicle to go lower. 

This kit is offered in 3 versions:
- Standard (suitable for most applications): Dramatic drop but gives a sensible lift height and allows for the original springs to be refitted in future.

- Extra low: Gives the absolute maximum amount of drop (chassis modifications are required to achieve max drop), however both upper and lower spring locators need to be modified, as such shorter dampers are required and it may not be possible to revert the vehicle back to standard springs without welding or replacing parts.

- Lifted: Allows the vehicle to be run from just below standard height, to around 40mm lifted (actual height varies based on load and shock length).  Upper spring locators require no modification so the vehicle remains unmodified, apart from needing to drill a hole in the lower spring locator for the air line.

Supplied with two air springs and fittings.  Some cutting required (trimming of the upper spring seats, nothing drastic).

Optional dampers available separately.